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She’ll Learn

Maxine Harrell owns one of the many hair salons on Detroit’s West Side. Maxine spent her childhood watching her grandmother transform women from feeling down and out to loving themselves bringing smiles to their faces, all the while supplying some extra income to the household pot. “Doing hair,” is her destiny. Still single and knocking on thirty’s door, Maxine is desperately searching for someone real to love. With the help… Read More »

Just Between Us

When friends experience extraordinary life circumstances, will their friendship be the help that they need or will devastating events tear them apart? Through deceit, loss, and tragic situations, Ebony, Mona, and ShaLisa weather life’s storms sometimes together, but other times it seems their friendship gets in the way. After a divorce, Ebony struggles to trust and love again. During a girls’ night out, she meets single and sexy Jackson. Jackson… Read More »

Tales of the Obeni

Fans of Octavia Butler’s The Kindred will love Tales of the Obeni. What happens when a man looking for love is drawn into a bizarre world where conventional wisdom and regular everyday rules do not apply? Tales of the Obeni is based on a rediscovered myth thought to have originated several centuries ago and considered all but lost in time. Set in Harlem, it is the story of Bennie, a… Read More »

Schemin: Confessions of a Gold Digger

Jalita Harrison is a nineteen-year-old biracial woman who was born in to a dysfunctional environment, but aspired to overcome it. After raising herself on the streets of Baltimore, she decides she wants no part of a destructive lifestyle and is accepted in to a college in Virginia. During Christmas break, she is left temporarily homeless and nearly penniless. As a result, Jalita returns to Baltimore, where people from her past… Read More »

Threesome: Where Seduction, Power and Basketball Collide

This is the original edition published by Writersandpoets.com: Sasha Borianni is smart, sexy, and determined to have it all on her own terms. After her passionate affair with Cole, a married man, goes horribly wrong, she immerses herself in her new job as the personal assistant to twenty-three-year-old NBA All-Star Phoenix Carter. An outsider in the exciting, sexually charged underbelly of professional basketball, Sasha quickly finds herself seduced by the… Read More »

Girl Talk

Entertaining and Fast-Paced, Girl Talk is a collection of four stories about discovery, friendship, infatuation, love and those school days. Confession On An Answering Service is about a fly, but shy sixteen year old girl who has a crush on her classmate as big as Pennsylvania. Will she finally tell the object of her affection how she really feels? Or will she keep her feelings on the down low in… Read More »

Drama Factor

Xavier, a star football player, finds his nigh starting off badly when his girlfriend’s husband charges up a flight of stairs after him and forces him to climb out onto a fire escape in order to avoid confrontation. The night is equally bad for Grace when her horrendous date assaults her, triggering her to make a mad escape. Xavier thinks it’s getting better when they meet, but things only seem… Read More »

Smoking Cigarettes

There’s an old saying that one night of passion can lead to a lifetime of pain. Rashad’s mother could not have said it better. Enter the world of Rashad Smith, a twenty-three year old, inner city, gay male who knows what he wants but doesn’t know how to get it. After deceiving his lover Troy and engaging in a thrilling sexual escapade with his long time crush Paul, he would… Read More »

Diamond Dynasty

The war between Filthy Rich and the enigmatic pimp Willie Green rages on and drama encompasses everyone involved. Major has defected from the team, vowing to kill Afta. He blames Afta for Monique’s death, and he has taken the dangerous and beautiful Sparkles with him. Dante in turn blames Major for Monique’s death and wants to see him knocking on heaven’s door. Dante is Willie’s new Colombian Holla. Will the… Read More »

Diamond Drought

  Introducing America’s First Hip-hop Soap Opera! Rich was once your typical drug-dealing street hustler with dreams of the music industry and chrome rims that keep spinning even when the car stops. Now he has finally anteed up. He’s acquired a new whip, more technology for his producing endeavors, and a less visibly active grip on his lucrative drug empire. He has bigger sights and a more legitimate dream ahead… Read More »