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Diamond Dynasty

The war between Filthy Rich and the enigmatic pimp Willie Green rages on and drama encompasses everyone involved. Major has defected from the team, vowing to kill Afta. He blames Afta for Monique’s death, and he has taken the dangerous and beautiful Sparkles with him. Dante in turn blames Major for Monique’s death and wants to see him knocking on heaven’s door. Dante is Willie’s new Colombian Holla. Will the… Read More »

Diamond Drought

  Introducing America’s First Hip-hop Soap Opera! Rich was once your typical drug-dealing street hustler with dreams of the music industry and chrome rims that keep spinning even when the car stops. Now he has finally anteed up. He’s acquired a new whip, more technology for his producing endeavors, and a less visibly active grip on his lucrative drug empire. He has bigger sights and a more legitimate dream ahead… Read More »